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Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

Medical evacuation applies where the necessary treatment for which the insured person is covered is not available locally or if adequately screened blood is not available in the event of an emergency. Allianz Worldwide Care will evacuate the insured person to the nearest appropriate medical centre by ambulance, helicopter or airplane.

Allianz group members are also covered with the Medical Repatriation. This benefit means that if the necessary treatment for which the member is covered is not available locally, member can choose to be medically evacuated to the  home country for treatment, instead of to the nearest appropriate medical centre. This only applies when the member’s home country is located within your geographical area of cover.

Allianz also cover the cost of travel for one person accompanying an evacuated/repatriated person.

It is important to contact Allianz at the first indication that an evacuation or repatriation is required. In the event that this has not been authorized by Allianz, they reserve the right to decline all costs incurred.

In case of an emergency requiring Evacuation or Repatriation, please contact Allianz who will, where possible, will then arrange for this with their evacuation provider.

24 hour emergency number: (353) 1 630 1301 

Toll Free Numbers:

  • Hong Kong: (800) 901 705.
  • North China: (10) 800 744 1259.
  • South China: (10) 800 441 0115.
  • Singapore: (800) 353 1018.