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High Cost Providers (USD entities)

High Cost Providers (USD entities only) 

Allianz insurance – LVMH Group

Members can select the medical provider of their choice. However, please be aware that treatment received at the below listed providers (High Cost Providers) will automatically include a 20% copayment,which applies in addition to any other co-payment or deductible that applies to your policy.


请查收以下被安联列为 2016 年度昂贵医院列表

Treatments received in those hospitals will be covered up to 80% by the insurer (20% co-insurance paid by the member).

在以下医院就诊将有 80%由保险公司支付,(20%需会员自费)

All Locations 所有医疗分配

  • All United Family Hospitals and Clinics  所有和睦家医院及诊所
  • All Parkway Health Clinics, including the Gleneagles International Medical & Surgical Centre 所有百汇医疗诊所, 包括华鹰门诊部
  • All International SOS Clinics 所国际 SOS 诊所 

China 中国 

  • Shanghai East International Medical Centre 上海东方国际医疗中心
  • Shanghai Red Leaf Women’s Hospital 上海红枫国际妇产医院
  • Institute for Western Surgery 国际外科手术中心
  • New York Dental Clinic 纽约齿科
  • International Medical Center (IMC) Beijing 北京国际医疗中心  

Hong Kong 香港  

  • Hong Kong Adventist Hospital 香港港安医院
  • Matilda International Hospital 明德国际医院
  • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital 香港养和医院
  • Hong Kong Baptist Hospital 香港浸信会医院 

Singapore 新加坡 

  • All Parkway facilities, including Mount Elizabeth Hospitals and Gleneagles Hospitals  所有百汇医疗,包括伊丽莎白医院 和华鹰诊所