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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q : Is cosmetic treatment covered?
A : Any treatment which may be deemed to be cosmetic is not covered by the policy.


Q : Is treatment for the skin condition "Rosacea" covered?
A : Due to the wide ranging nature of the symptoms of Rosacea, Allianz will require more detailed information on this condition to show it is not cosmetic. You will need to have the doctor write a supporting letter when you receive treatment that states the medical necessity of the treatment. It will need to state the symptoms as severe and state that the treatment given is medically necessary. If you have mild symptoms e.g. you flush easily, then this will not be covered as it will be classified as cosmetic. If your symptoms are skin rashes and very itchy skin then this will be covered as treatment will be deemed medically necessary, but you will need to provide proof of this by means of a correctly worded supporting letter from the treating physician.


Q : Is a referral letter required for ALL specialist treatment?
A : No.  a referral letter is only required for “Prescribed physiotherapy, speech therapy, oculomotor therapy and occupational therapy”.  For all other specialists you do not need a referral letter.


Q : Will prescription drugs provided by specialists be included as "Specialist fees" or being treated as "medical practitioner fees and prescription drugs"?
A : Any drugs prescribed by the specialist will come out of the allowance for "medical practitioner fees and prescription drugs" for the Business Services plan.


Q : Does the doctor need to fill in a claims form when I have an outpatient consultation?
A : If the diagnosis is clearly stated on the receipt then the doctor does not need to fill in a claims form.


Q : Do I need to fill in a claims form for outpatient treatment?
A : Filling in a claims form will advise Allianz to reimburse you by your preferred method, but you do not have to complete a claims form each time.  We would advise that for your first claim you complete a claims form so Allianz know who to make the reimbursement cheque payable to/bank transfer to.  This reimbursement method will then be your default setting for future claims.


Q : Where do I send outpatient claims?
A : You can email the claims to Pacific Prime’s Claims Manager: [email protected] stating you name and policy number in the email. Pacific prime will then submit to Allianz on your behalf.


Q : If I choose bank transfer will there be any charges that I incur?
A : Allianz will pay all charges at their end, but some banks do charge for receiving transfers from overseas banks.   To completely avoid this you can choose to be reimbursed by cheque.


Q : How do I get pre-approval for inpatient surgery?
A : You can complete the Treatment Guarantee Form [email protected] and the Pacific Prime claims manager [email protected]. A Treatment Guarantee Form must be completed for all benefits marked with a "1" or a "2" on the table of benefits.


Q : What do I do in an emergency situation?
A : A Treatment Guarantee is not required in advance for emergency treatment, but either you, your doctor, one of your dependents or a colleague must notify Allianz within 48 hours of the event to avoid penalties on your claim.  You can call the 24 hour emergency hotline or Pacific Prime and speak to a representative on the phone to arrange the Treatment Guarantee.


Q : What is number for Allianz 24 hour emergency hotline?
A : 24 hour emergency number: (353) 1 630 1301
Toll Free Numbers:
  • Hong Kong: (800) 901 705.
  • North China: (10) 800 744 1259.
  • South China: (10) 800 441 0115.
  • Singapore: (800) 353 1018.


Q : Will the toll free phone numbers work from a mobile phone?
A : Yes.


Q : Is there a Chinese language hotline with Allianz?
A : Currently there is no Chinese language hotline. However Allianz have enlisted the services of an external translation service for emergencies. This is not available for general questions but can be requested in emergency situations.


Q : Is there a Chinese language hotline with the broker, Pacific Prime?
A : Pacific Prime are able to provide assistance in Chinese Language within office hours.  You can call (Hong Kong) +852 3588 2916 or (China) +86 21 6467 1304 / +86 21 6445 4592


Q : Are vaccinations covered?
A : Vaccinations are covered


Q : Are preventative annual health check-ups covered?
A : The plan is designed to cover medically necessary treatment.  However, there is an allowance for a preventative annual health check of


Q : Are ‘over the counter’ drugs covered?
A : Drugs that you can purchase without a doctors’ prescription are not covered.


Q : What ‘complimentary treatments’ are covered?
A : Chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are covered.  Naturopathy is not covered.


Q : What does Routine Dental include?
A : Routine Dental covers an annual check up, simple fillings related to cavities or decay, and root canal treatment only. It does not provide cover for tooth extractions or dental surgery.