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Direct Settlement Network / Procedure

Comprehensive Direct Settlement Network / Procedure

Allianz Worldwide Care offer the most extensive outpatient direct billing network worldwide. This considerably simplifies the claims handling and enables the insured employees of LVMH to have their outpatient bills directly settled by Allianz. Please click on the below links to see Allianz's Direct Billing Network:

When visiting any of the clinics/medical centre within this network, please follow the process outlined below:

  1. Present your AWC membership card and proof of identification to the receptionist prior to the consultation. Hospital/clinic will contact Allianz directly and arrange cashless treatment.
  2. Sign the Claim Form to acknowledge receipt of the treatment following the consultation.

Important Notes

  1. The direct settlement network should not to be used to obtain any treatment, which falls outside the scope of your policy. Please refer to your table of benefits and policy wording.
  2. Allianz Worldwide Care will not provide cover for any membership fees that may be demanded by any medical provider.

 Inpatient Treatment (Treatment received in a hospital where an overnight stay or day treatment is medically necessary) 

In the event of hospitalization, Allianz will, where possible and with sufficient notice, arrange for direct settlement with medical providers. A Treatment Guarantee Form will need to be completed by the physician prior to commencement of treatment. It is recommended that this form is submitted at least five working days prior to receiving treatment so that Allianz can ensure there will be no delays at the time of admission.

Treatment Guarantee helps us to provide a better service in the following ways:

  • Allianz can ensure that proposed surgical treatments are carried out on a day-care basis where medically appropriate
  • In the case of planned treatment, Allianz will have time to communicate with the hospital to facilitate smooth admission and where possible, arrange for direct settlement, offering cashless access tp hospitals for inpatient treatment.
  • In the case of an evacuation/repatriation, Allianz will be able to organize and co ordinate the evacuation on behalf of the member.
  • Allianz can ensure that members are admitted and discharged at times that do not incurred a surcharge.